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We deliver Retirement Planning and Financial Planning workshops to help employees make better financial decisions.  Decisions we make today have an impact on how we can live in the future.  We provide employees with tools, information, and even a dose of motivation, to help them make better financial decisions.  Our multidisciplinary background and experience allows us to help employees sort out the key issues surrounding retirement related decisions.

We also write articles on financial and retirement planning for Employer-sponsored Newsletters to educate employees in another format to make better financial decisions.  The articles reinforce workshop learning and reach employees unable to attend group sessions.

"Your ability to engage your audience, to be entertaining and yet so effectively deliver the learning content at such a high level is truly an example of educational "best practices". Each day, I receive emails or share conversations with teachers who stated it was one of the most effective PD days they ever spent in Wallingford.  Having spent 34 years in the classroom, I applaud you!"

Andrew Candido, School to Career

Dr. Carboni
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Our lead speaker and driving force.