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Where will we be and when?

Event Name: Yale University ​Retirement Planning Workshp for the Faculty/Staff-Session 1
Event Date: 9/11/2018
Event Time: Starts: 5:00 PM   Finishes: 8:00 PM
Where: New Haven, CT
Event Details:

Retirement Planning Workshp for the Faculty/Staff of Yale University-Session 1                                       


-Challenges of Retirement: Overview-Review ways to calculate whether you're on track to afford to retire; how to use web-based calculators and the limits of these packages; how to use the workshop's workbook to maximum advantage

-Basics of Financial Planning for Retirement-How to get organized in a way that allows you to engage in serious financial planning, including investment planning and estate planning. Participants will learn how to construct Cash Flow and Net Worth Statements, the cornerstones of personal finance.  We'll also consider ways to improve both your Cash flow and your Net Worth (AKA, Balance Sheet)