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Where will we be and when?

Event Name: Yale University Retirement Planning Workshop for Faculty and Staff-Session 3
Event Date: 9/13/2018
Event Time: Starts: 5:00 PM   Finishes: 8:00 PM
Where: New Haven, CT
Event Details:

Retirement Planning Workshop for Yale University Faculty and Staff-Session 3                                         

-Housing and Location: In this session we'll consider why the decision on where you live in retirement is the single most imortant life-style decison a retiree will make.  After reviewing some common relocation mistakes people make, we'll consider the various strategies of converting home equity to retirement income and the tax implications of the different strategies.

-Retirement Income Planning along with Managing Your Retirement Portfolio- Here we'll review the classic strategies used to generate retirment income while keeping pace with inflation.  We'll consider how annuitization works and how it serve a role in providing adequate retirement income. We'll also consider the sources of investment risk in planning for retirement; which risks are prudent to avoid, and which to consider embracing, but managing.  Finally, we'll review the classic techniques to manage investment risks.