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Where will we be and when?

Event Name: Amherst College Retirement Planning Workshop for Faculty/Staff-Session 2
Event Date: 9/20/2018
Event Time: Starts: 4:00 PM   Finishes: 7:00 PM
Where: Amherst, MA
Event Details:

Session 2

Medicare and Health Insurance Planning: Medicare: Parts A and B. Costs involved. Are there "Gaps in Coverage"? When to Apply and penalties for not applying at the "right time." How do Medi-gap policies or Medicare Advantage plans fit in? How is MA different when it comes to Medi-gap plans. Long-term Care Insurance: possibly the forgotten insurance. Do I need it? Why it may be important?

Managing Your Retirement Nest Egg: Managing your retirement investment planningstrategy during retirement. Advantages and Disadvantages of various Retirement Income Planning Approaches. How the equity in your home and an annuitizing strategy could allow your income to last your life-time, keep pace with inflation, and reduce risk.