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What we offer

Outlining a Plan

Over 39,500 people have completed our Retirement and Financial Planning Workshops.  The sessions combine a blend of life-style planning and financial strategies to help participants create a satisfying life-style with enough income to sustain it. The workshops provide the information, tools, and motivation participants need to make better financial decisions to improve their lives. Recognizing the need to start early, we also offer financial planning workshops for younger employees. Sample Retirement Workshop:

  1. Creating a Satisfactory Retirement Life-style
  2. The Basics of Financial Planning for Retirement
  3. Housing Considerations & Estate Planning
  4. Social Security, Medicare & Health Ins. Planning
  5. Decision-making around Benefits in Retirement
  6. Investment Goal Setting
  7. Retirement Income Planning
  8. Managing Your Retirement Nest Egg

    Presenting Solutions

    Some of the issues people face in retirement that we deal with in these workshops include:

    1. Having sufficient income (i.e., income planning in retirement)
    2. Best time to take Social Security
    3. Up-to-date legal documents you must have
    4. Pitfalls and opportunities of relocating
    5. Not running out of money before you run out of time
    6. Protecting against the expenses of long-term care
    7. How to select a "financial advisor"
    8. how to create a satisfying retirement life-style
    9. how to convert home equity into retirement income
    10. ensure that a widow(er) has sufficient income to maintain her (his) standard of living
    11. understanding your retiree health insurance options (and how they relate to Medicare) 

    More Solutions

    Issues we deal with:

    1. How to select a "financial advisor"
    2. How to create a satisfying retirement life-style
    3. How to convert home equity into retirement income
    4. Ensure that a widow(er) has sufficient income to maintain her (his) standard of living
    5. Understanding your retiree health insurance options (and how they relate to Medicare)

    Coming Soon

    Dr. Carboni is near completion of his latest book. If you would like to be contacted when it is available, you can make a request from the Contact Us page

    The following is a sampling of organizations that have sponsored Dr. Carboni's workshops:

    1. United Parcel Service
    2. Otis Elevator Co.
    3. Yale University
    4. BYK Corporation
    5. Williams College
    6. The Southern Connecticut Gas Co., and CNG.
    7. The Eastern Connecticut Health Network
    8. The Miller Co.
    9. The Greenwich Independent Schools, among others.

    Dr. Carboni has been conducting Retirement and Financial/Life Planning Workshops since 1978. With a Ph.D. in the social aspects of retirement (social gerontology) from the University of Connecticut, Dr. Carboni directed a University-based Center on Retirement for 7 1/2 years and served as editor of "Retirement Planning", the official journal of the International Society for Retirement Planning. Dr. Carboni has also taught courses at three different universities.

    Author of numerous articles and a book on Retirement issues, Dr. Carboni also has a strong background in financial planning, and holds a certified financial planning (CFP) designation from the College of Financial Planning in Denver, Colorado. Earlier in his career, Dr. Carboni spent six years with a financial planning firm helping clients maximize retirement income.  Building from this experience, Dr. Carboni also writes articles for employer newsletters to inform employees on the actions necessary for a successful retirement.

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