Wesleyan University Participants

Excellent workshop, keep them coming! Materials and handouts very helpful. David is a fantastic, brilliant and entertaining instructor.

Informative, engaging, clear, funny, well-organized presentation! Dave C. takes a topic – money matters – which is usually boring and tedious (for me!) and makes it interesting and entertaining – I’d highly recommend any of his workshops!

His knowledge and energy are remarkable. The workshop was very helpful.

Mr. Carboni is superb. He answers all our questions, and he covers all the relevant subjects. He presents the material in an accessible and engaging style.

Everyone at Wesleyan should take it. It is so worth it. The teacher is amazingly knowledgeable.

The information provided in David’s seminars is worth its weight in gold. The information could make the difference between a financially comfortable retirement or a financially disastrous one.

I thoroughly enjoyed his presentational style, and I learned a great deal about risk management with my investments.