Mark J. Guglielmoni

Over the past two years, Dr. Carboni has presented a number of workshops to the staff and faculty of Fairfield University. We have found him to be a dynamic speaker, who is highly competent as well as passionate in his chosen field. Most important is that Dr. Carboni is neither affiliated with, nor employed by any financial services organization, and therefore offers his client’s information only, with no hidden agenda.

Mark J. Guglielmoni, Director of Human Resources
Fairfield University

Micki Harrison

Once again, sincere thanks for a job well done! The material you presented, and the manner in which you presented it, was top notch. All the feedback is nothing but positive.

Micki Harrison, Human Resources Representative
Crowley Marine Services, Inc.

Paul Carroza

Thank you once again for conducting the Retirement and Basics of Investing seminars here at Branson Ultrasonics. Your presentations are always fun and stimulating as they are informative.

Paul Carroza, Sr. Human Resources Representative
Branson Ultasonics Corp

Jennifer Dolan-Walderman

David immediately set about making retirement participants feel welcome and comfortable. Within the first few minutes it was apparent to me that the participants were engaged in his presentation and ready to talk about their interests, thoughts and needs around the question of their personal adjustment to the next phase of their lives. I could not have asked for a more comprehensive, thoughtful, and professional presentation.

Jennifer Dolan-Walderman, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction
Irvington Union Free School District

David Landsberg

I am writing as a follow-up to our recently completed Retirement Planning Workshops for Wesleyan University faculty and staff. First, I want to let you know that the workshops were a great success and I have received universally favorable comments from those who attended, and they tend to be a sophisticated, knowledgeable group. I’m sure we will want to have you back this fall. Your enthusiasm for the material, sense of humor, and broad knowledge made the workshop experience a delight for all who attended.

David Landsberg, Director Human Resources
Wesleyan University

Phil Lima

Thanks for and congratulations on your fantastic retirement planning workshops here at Berklee College of Music. The faculty and staff attendees are your fans (and they know about fans!). Spot-on content, broad and deep knowledge, engaging/respectful presentation, incorporating Berklee specifics, and turn-key . . . all super!

Phil Lima, Director of Employee Benefits
Berklee College of Music

Brian L. Welch

What I found particularly unique about your presentation, was the energy and enthusiasm that you bring to the room. The employees and their spouses were fully engaged in the topics of discussion to the point they wanted to stay longer than scheduled to continue the discussions. I would recommend you to any company seeking a non-biased, enthusiastic, and very informative retirement presentation.

Brian L. Welch, Manager Human Resources
Connecticut Natural Gas Company

Richard D. Weiner

I received positive feedback from the employees who attended the Retirement Planning Workshop in February. The folks thought the information they received was extremely valuable. In many cases, you made them think about issues they had not considered prior to the meetings. I also received many complements about your delivery; you were able to keep their attention, you made complex information understandable and the meeting moved along at a good pace.

Richard D. Weiner, Manager, Benefits
Southern Connecticut Gas

Andrew Candido

Your ability to engage your audience, to be entertaining and yet so effectively deliver the learning content at such a high level is truly an example of educational "best practices. Each day, I receive emails or share conversations with teachers who stated it was one of the most effective PD days they ever spent in Wallingford. Having spent 34 years in the classroom, I applaud you!

Andrew Candido
School to Career

Susan Abramson

Thank you presenting The Softer Side of Retirement workshop. This workshop was a success, as indicated on the course evaluation forms. Thank you for your contribution to improving the quality of work life here at Yale. We look forward to working with you again.

Susan Abramson, WorkLife Program Coordinator
Yale University

Williams College Participants

Good presentation – touched on many good points – gave me tools to use going forward.

The independence of Dave C. gives more credibility to his words and information.

Very well presented with lots of examples to help clarify things.

I liked that David Carboni was not affiliated with any particular company and was not pushing any program – or trying to sign up customers.

Informative and comprehensive coverage. Outstanding presenter, extremely knowledgeable, engaging.

Williams College

Yale University Participants

Engaging, wonderful presenter who’s knowledgeable about a broad subject matter that’s of relevance to me./p>

Instructor was knowledgeable, energetic, and infused material with humor.

Essential! An excellent program. Dave Carboni is first rate and should be brought back as much as possible.

Made confusing topics more understandable.

Excellent! David Carboni is superb! Engaging, fun, informative all the time.

This program opens your eyes to realize the urgent need to get our finances and documents in order – pronto!

Wonderfully communicative – well informed – kept my interest. Thought of and covered everything!

Excellent presentation – sense of humor – able to explain on a level understandable by everyone.

I have been to many retirement planning sessions. This was the best by far.

These sessions were excellent – Mr. Carboni was very knowledgeable. An excellent, excellent speaker and very good at making difficult, complex topics accessible. Also, his style is engaging.

Great series of workshops – very beneficial and thought provoking. Speaker was not only extremely well-informed, but animated, humorous and lively, interactive performer. Would highly recommend this to others

Over the last year I have gone to several events and this was by far the best in terms of broad coverage and detailed sets of resources for further work. Extremely helpful!

It was a terrific program. I feel like I was given the roadmap and tools to be able to plan my retirement. Dave has a mastery of the material and a wonderful delivery.

Yale University Participants
Yale University


David Carboni is an amazing instructor. He takes a complicated subject and makes it easy to understand and fun. His great sense of humor kept the class laughing throughout the 12 hour session. The best part of his course was the excellent workbook that he follows throughout the course. I know I will review his workbook in the future because it was so helpful.

Martha, Systems Manager
Applied Materials


David was very helpful, extremely knowledgeable. The presentation left me with a good feeling about what to expect and how to handle my retirement.

Irvington Union Free School District

Fairfield University Participants

Dave is GREAT – very knowledgeable and up to date information provided. Responsive to all questions. Emphasis on what is important and what should be done to prepare for retirement.

Dave is a polished, knowledgeable, inspirational expert . Thanks Dave!

Excellent program, very well presented and understandable.

I had questions – I got the answers!

Very good communicator. Makes boring and complicated matters interesting and easy to understand.

Dave Carboni did a wonderful, informative and exciting job. What a great education

Fairfield University Participants
Fairfield University

Paul Barrett

David Carboni recently conducted a full-day retirement planning workshop for 25 of our salaried associates. The program content was excellent and Dave’s delivery of this material demonstrated his expertise in the subject and superb teaching skills. The reviews from our employees have been consistent and very, very positive. I have used Dr. Carboni numerous times over the past two decades, in different businesses and in different organizational cultures. He continues to do what he does with grace, style, and proficiency

Paul Barrett, Director of Human Resources
Otis Elevator Company

Wesleyan University Participants

Excellent workshop, keep them coming! Materials and handouts very helpful. David is a fantastic, brilliant and entertaining instructor.

Informative, engaging, clear, funny, well-organized presentation! Dave C. takes a topic – money matters – which is usually boring and tedious (for me!) and makes it interesting and entertaining – I’d highly recommend any of his workshops!

His knowledge and energy are remarkable. The workshop was very helpful.

Mr. Carboni is superb. He answers all our questions, and he covers all the relevant subjects. He presents the material in an accessible and engaging style.

Everyone at Wesleyan should take it. It is so worth it. The teacher is amazingly knowledgeable.

The information provided in David’s seminars is worth its weight in gold. The information could make the difference between a financially comfortable retirement or a financially disastrous one.

I thoroughly enjoyed his presentational style, and I learned a great deal about risk management with my investments.

Wesleyan University Participants
Wesleyan University

Joel Campbell

The Retirement Planning Seminar, conducted on April 25, was a complete success. Your knowledge, expertise, facilitation skills and professionalism regarding the subject matter was quite apparent. The topics were relevant, informative and easily integrated with the Company benefit program segments.

Joel Campbell, Workforce Planning Manager
United Parcel Service